Signature Chemical-Free Steam Cleaning

Aircon Steam Cleaning

Did someone say steam? Keep persistent germs, bacteria and bugs out of your premises! Stubborn dirt particles get dislodged with our signature chemical-free steam cleaning service. With no use of harmful chemicals, this is safe for the environment and gentle on your skin, with no more nasty chemical smells.

Aircon steam cleaning is perfect for killing germs without causing them to multiply.

Air conditioning systems get filled with unpleasant odors from the constant heat and humidity.

These unpleasant odors in your aircon may be a sign of bacteria growth in the coil.

When unpleasant odors are circulating inside the air conditioning system, we can eliminate the smell by applying steam cleaning to the coil.

Steam cleaning your air conditioning unit cleans up and removes unwanted debris that accumulates.

How vois can help

One of the signature services that our clients love is aircon steam cleaning.

Aircon steam cleaning is a new and advanced cleaning method that uses high-pressure steam jets.

Our VOIS steam cleaning effectively expels dirt in clogged areas, penetrating out of reach crevices, sterilising surfaces and kills up to 99.9% of all germs on hard surfaces that are exposed to hot steam under pressure.

Traditional chemical washing has limited effectiveness, and its methods are outdated.

Switch to steam cleaning, which is a superior and eco-friendly alternative to get your air conditioning system thoroughly cleaned.

Try out aircon steam cleaning and you’ll see the difference!



• Clean and wash the filters
• Steam Clean the evaporator coil
• Check the condenser unit
• Clean the blower wheel and fan blade
• Clean the drain pan
• Flush the drain pipe
• Check for noise problem
• Check all electrical components
• Check the refrigerant system
• Test run


Steam cleaning from $108 nett per fancoil

Includes Service Warranty of 90 days.


“After aircon steam cleaning by your technicians, I woke up the next day with no sinus anymore!! Well done! Will definitely recommend your services to my friends and customers.”

– Cedrick, Professional Hairstylist, Niven Road, Le Papillon Salon

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